How to Motivate Employees Using Remote Tools

Xavi Magrinyà

Motivating employees who work from home is quite a challenge because a remote setup encourages them to simply do what they need to rather than solve problems that matter. The antidote? Remote tools.

As its name suggests, remote tools are online tools that help employees have fun remotely. They range from virtual board games to brainstorming apps that help create a collaborative environment similar to your office. 

It is highly important for teams to have fun online because of the play factor. According to Harvard Business Review, play is a motive that boosts performance. It is often involved in making decisions or brainstorming with colleagues in person. Since employees are working from home, their play motive decreases. 

To increase play, experts suggest that employees be given the chance to adapt, experiment, and see the bigger picture. Extremely strict rules and problem-solving procedures must be avoided as well. 

So the next time you wonder why your remote employees’ motivation decreases, ask yourself these― Do they have an ample supply of the play factor? Am I using online tools well enough to motivate them? 

If your answer to any of these questions is no, it’s high time to use motivating remote tools.