Split participants into separate rooms

Nitroom allows anyone to freely create, join and leave different rooms to mimic the real-life experience of being in an offline

Manage and rearrange attendees

Drag and drop your attendees from one room to another to form teams. Create pinned rooms or rename them to create the perfect experience.


Solid and stable video calls

Nitroom uses leading edge real-time technology to bring you the best experience during online calls. We're bringing you the video call experience that you expect in 2022.

Chat with everyone and broadcast your messages

Send messages through the chat, both to your room or to everyone in the party. Broadcast your messages and get notifications when someone mentions you.


How is Nitroom different?

Google MeetDiscordZoomNitroom
Video calls
Screen sharing
Text chat
Creating separate channels or rooms-
Who can create rooms-EveryoneOnly hostsEveryone
Real-time view of the attendees in the rooms--
Number of rooms--LimitedUnlimited
Ad-hoc room creation---
One-click room creation---
Notifications of new rooms created---
Invite people to your room---

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